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PMG Funds Support Latin American Conference

By Laura Wahl posted 09-10-2019 09:27


Association for Heritage Preservation of the Americas; Conference News

September 23 – 25 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The APOYOnline 30th Anniversary Conference and Workshop on Heritage Preservation;

30 Years Building Bridges and Pathways for the Preservation of Cultural Patrimony in the Americas

APOYOnline is a non-profit organization that promotes communication, exchange and professional development in the field of heritage preservation in the Americas and in Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries.

In June 2019 APOYOnline established the José Orraca Memorial fund, in order to support professional development activities in photographic conservation among Latin American professionals. The AIC Photographic Materials Group is proud to support this initiative, with a 2019 $2,000 pledge. This support, along with that of other donors, will help fund the upcoming APOYOnline meeting, which currently has over 200 registered participants,16 panelists, 32 papers, and 60 posters from 17 countries, as well as a sold-out photographic conservation workshop. Approximately 30% of the audience of the conference and workshop are students from many training programs in preservation/conservation in Latin America and Portugal. The José Orraca Scholarship will also help to make the MANOS A LA OBRA (“Helping Hands”) initiative at the State Archives of Rio de Janeiro a reality. This community-focused volunteer initiative was created to give back to the local communities hosting APOYOnline conferences

A link to the conference program is here.

Donate to the José Orraca Memorial fund 

The Toby Raphael Memorial Fund was started at the same time, to support preventive conservation efforts in Latin America. 

Please consider giving in memory of the legacy of these two highly influential conservation leaders!