AIC-EC: Prepare for Hurricanes and Other Emergencies

By Rebecca Kennedy posted 06-20-2019 10:15

As we enter hurricane season the Emergency Committee of AIC wanted to share some resources that were distributed at the AIC Annual Meeting. These resources are helpful for those who are prone to all types of emergencies: Preparedness_and_Response_Resources_AICECillustrated.pdf

It is important to meet and communicate with stakeholders and first responders before an emergency occurs and a great resource is the Working with First Responders poster from FAIC:

If you missed the Connecting to Collections Care facebook live event on Emergency Kits, you can still access those videos to find motivation for gathering supplies before an emergency:
We also encourage everyone to keep handy the contact information the National Heritage Respondents and the tip-sheets:

This information was provided by the AIC Emergency Committee, #AICEC