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    Glazing (Framing) for Paintings

    Hello! I was interested in getting more information about the pros (and cons) of having (and retaining) paintings under acrylic/plexi. I'm talking about oil on canvas, or tempera on board (as examples). I do understand the need to have an object's ...

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    Tracer gas used in enclosed gallery

    Hi all - We have gallery space that is having a hard time staying humidified over the winter months despite a fairly sophisticated HVAC system.  Engineering recommendations last winter have not proven successful so the next step has been to contract ...

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    RE: Charcoal pouches?

    I have often included Micro-Chamber paper, a really convenient and no-mess way to include activated charcoal and zeolite clay VOC scavengers, in heritage material housings and microenvironments, (see ...

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    RE: Moving Carriages

    If you get the GoJacks, be sure to get the rack that will hold them. It is an added expense, but well worth it. The rack makes moving the gojacks easier and keeps them in one place. ------------------------------ Mike Bell Curator of Collections, Oklahoma ...

  • Thank you for the advice, Christina! Looking into these suggestions. ------------------------------ Claire Forsyth Archivist Memory Labs Toronto ON ------------------------------

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  • Below is a posting for our fellow museum professionals. I thought this community would be the best place for this. Please share with your colleagues.  Bureau Director II, Director of Curatorial Services Museum Division Starting Annual Salary: $55,208.96 ...

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