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Have a specific question about collections care? You’ve come to the right place! The Connecting to Collections Care (C2C Care) Community allows staff and volunteers at small and mid-sized institutions to post collections care questions. The forum is monitored by volunteer conservation professionals who answer questions directly or can seek the assistance of conservators and collections care professionals who provide expert assistance. All submitted questions that meet the guidelines will be posted to the community and reviewed and answered by our monitors and experts. The forum is also used to share announcements about C2C Care webinars and courses, as well as free resources (such as grants, events, publications, etc.) of interest to our core audience of smaller institutions. We encourage you to review additional terms of participation at

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    FEMA reimbursement available for safe opening cost ...

    Has your organization purchased face masks or screening/testing supplies for staff, new cleaning and sanitizing supplies, or other products to allow you to open and operate safely during the COVID pandemic? If so, you may be eligible for reimbursement ...

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    Conserving bamboo tags?

    Hi all, In the mammal department at the Harvard MCZ, we have about 50 specimens from one collector (B. Bjorkegren) that have original tags fashioned out of bamboo. These date back to the late 1930's when he collected mammals in northern Vietnam. Unfortunately, ...

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    RE: best material for surface of paintings

    Hi Linda, Several years ago during a large construction project we also wrapped many paintings using cardboard collars, sometimes with twill tape across the front and then wrapping in food grade plastic. We used cardboard "edge protectors" for the cardboard ...

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    RE: Cleaning Oceanic Objects in collection

    Conservator here, one who has worked on Oceanic Collections for their entire career. you need to stop 'dusting' if its that bad.  you are just putting the 'dust' into the air and depositing everywhere else you need to vacuum with a HEPA filter on ...

  • Hi Allison- I received some more information concerning the care of the oceanic objects in your collection from one of our C2C Care experts (along with a request for some info if possible). See below and thanks again for your patience.  It is relatively ...

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