Spring CAN! Conversation: Contextualizing the decision-making model in contemporary art conservation

When:  Apr 9, 2021 from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM (ET)
Associated with  Contemporary Art Network

Conversation panelists include Julia Betancor, Miroslaw Wachowiak, Mareike Opeña, and Joy Bloser; Organized by Martha Singer 

Decision-making models in conservation are predominantly designed for practice within the museum. Conservation, however, occurs in many non-museum contexts. How does decision-making shift to accommodate these distinct contexts beyond the museum? Conservation of contemporary art recognizes special categories of stakeholders, like the artist, their assistants, and/or estates - but how do other stakeholders such as galleries, auction houses, and collectors influence our practice? How can we broaden decision-making models to accurately represent and embrace these other factors? Each panelist represents a unique context in contemporary art conservation, including working for a private collection, kunsthalle, academia, private practice, and a museum. Join us for this inaugural CAN! Conversation exploring the different contexts of decision-making with a moderated Q&A to follow. 

A few reading suggestions for the Spring CAN! Conversation:


CAN! Conversations

CAN! Conversations is a new discussion series on the quandaries of conserving contemporary art. Topics are proposed by CAN! members for CAN! Members and will be held seasonally over Zoom.  Do you have a topic to propose for a future CAN! Conversation? Please send ideas to Martha Singer martha@materialwhisperer.com


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