Paper, Paintings and Cultural Landscape Conservation August 17 – 27, 2024, Puglia, Italy. Registrat

Starts:  Aug 17, 2024 12:00 (IT)
Ends:  Aug 27, 2024 07:00 (IT)

This program offers a comprehensive excursus into the multifaceted realm of art conservation, spanning traditional mediums like paintings and paper artworks to the broader context of safeguarding cultural landscapes.

The short course is open to students in conservation and cultural heritage enthusiasts who want to deepen their understanding of conservation principles and acquire practical skills.

Participants are introduced to conservation techniques and methodologies, unravelling the balance between artistry and conservation ethics.


Palazzo Gravina
Via Abbrazzo D'Ales 11
Gravina in Puglia, 70024


Tonio Creanza