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(General) Do Casinos and Conferences Mix? My Experience at AIC's 47th Annual Meeting

The 47 th Annual Meeting of the American Institute for Conservation was held at the Mohegan Sun Casino in May 2019. This was a unique and interesting venue, which provided various opportunities for both educational and social events. I found the conference to be stimulating and engaging, and I...

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(Photographic Materials) Blue Pigment Inclusions in Salted Paper Prints by Lisa Barro and Silvia Centeno

In her Wednesday afternoon session, Lisa spoke about blue pigments in the paper substrate of salted paper photographs. The thematic lighting set the mood... The conference room was thematically lit for a talk on blue pigments. Blue pigments were often added during the manufacture of white...

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(Photographic Materials) The Expansion of the Cold and Cool Storage Vaults at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art, Fernanda Valverde

Fernanda spoke on Wednesday afternoon about the three-year expansion project for the cold photograph storage vaults at the Amon Carter Museum. In giving the talk, Fernanda hope to assist other institutions that might be taking on a similar project, and she offered practical information on the...

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(New Tech meets Timeless Problems) Caitlin Richeson, Rapid Prototype Conservation: A Collaborative Approach

Caitlin Richeson is a Winterthur student currently completing her graduate internship at MoMA. Her talk was coauthored with Emily Hamilton (Objects Conservator at SF MoMA) and concerned a research project completed as a collaborative effort between Winterthur and SF MoMA, where Caitlin interned...

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(General) 47th Annual Meeting - WUDPAC Student Summary

I am a third-year student at the Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation, and I would like to share highlights from my experience at the 47 th AIC Annual Meeting in Uncasville, CT. Thanks to generous support from the FAIC's George Stout Grant, I was able to spend four...

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(Textiles) Dewdrops on an Iris: Using Gels and a Crepeline Lining to Treat an Early 20th Century Japanese Silk Painting by Tanya Uyeda

Dewdrops on an Iris: Using Gels and a Crepeline Lining to Treat an Early 20th Century Japanese Silk Painting by Tanya Uyeda Abstract: https:// aics47thannualmeeting2019. dewdrops-on-an-iris-using- gels-and-a-crepeline-lining- to-treat-an-early-20th- century...

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(Photographic Materials) Pictorialist Experiments of Karl Struss, by Sarah Casto

Link: Sarah Casto, Photograph Conservation Fellow at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art in Fort Worth, Texas presented her investigation into a series of seven photographic prints by Karl Struss (1886 -1981) titled "New Hampshire Landscape" . Her research...

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(Practical Approaches to Technical Research in Low-Tech Settings) Small Museum Research Strategies in Alaska by Ellen Carrlee

In Small Museum Research Strategies in Alaska , Alaska State Museum’s conservator, Ellen Carrlee discusses five collaborative initiatives that have become resources for colleagues and small museums with no access to analytical equipment and limited research funds. The projects include, Alaska...

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(CAN! The Evolving Role of the Conservator of Contemporary Art) Art that Lives and Breathes: Conserving Creatures in Contemporary Art by Pamela Johnson

“Art that Lives and Breathes” was an excellent presentation by Pam Johnson, a paintings conservator working at Modern Art Conservation in New York City (see abstract here ). In her talk, Pam Johnson presented two case studies about the treatment of artworks that featured live creatures: At...