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Leadership Resources for Emerging Leaders

Every year at the AIC annual meeting the Emerging Conservation Professionals Network (ECPN) holds rigorous programming to support emerging professionals. At AIC New England, ECPN partnered with Bob Norris, noted leadership speaker and facilitator, to present two events focused on leadership: the...

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(General) A Failure Shared is Not a Failure: Learning from Our Mistakes

A reflection on a great session, by Jen Munch and Suzanne Davis Jen Munch Graduate Fellow in Art Conservation, SUNY Buffalo State College and Graduate Intern in Paintings Conservation, National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC One of my favorite experiences during the 2019 AIC Annual...

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EMG Conference Report: Amye McCarther

The American Institute for the Conservation of Artistic Works’ 47 th Annual Meeting took place at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut, May 13-18 th , 2019. I had the privilege of attending, thanks to a generous speaker stipend awarded by the AIC’s Electronic Media Group (EMG), of which...

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From Immersion to Acquisition: An Overview of Virtual Reality for Time-Based Media Conservators

"From Immersion to Acquisition: An Overview of Virtual Reality for Time-Based Media Conservators" was an informative presentation given at the 2019 Annual Meeting by Mark Hellar, a technology consultant for cultural institutions and owner of Hellar Studios LLC, and Savannah Campbell, Media...

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(General) High Acyl Gellan Gum In Parchment Conservation by Cathie Magee

In recent years, gellan gum and other gels have become welcome additions to the conservator’s toolkit. Aqueous treatments to remove adhesive from parchment can cause cockling, shrinkage, tidelines, brittleness, transparency, and gelatinization. Having experienced the challenges associated with...

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(Book and Paper) A New Tool for Managing Cumulative Light Exposure by Jordan Ferraro

This presentation addressed the need for a nuanced, object-centered approach to light dosage policies. The speaker began by outlining a previously existing light exposure policy for the U.S. Army museums. They had divided exhibit artifacts into three very broad classes of objects: highly...

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(Electronic Media) A Race Against Time: Preserving iOS App-based Artworks. Authors: Flaminia Fortunato, Joey Heinen, Morgan Kessler

The emergence of app-based artworks in our collections prompted institutions the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) to collaborate together in order to determine the best methods of collecting these works. ( ) LACMA acquired ...

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(General) Do Casinos and Conferences Mix? My Experience at AIC's 47th Annual Meeting

The 47 th Annual Meeting of the American Institute for Conservation was held at the Mohegan Sun Casino in May 2019. This was a unique and interesting venue, which provided various opportunities for both educational and social events. I found the conference to be stimulating and engaging, and I...

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(Photographic Materials) Blue Pigment Inclusions in Salted Paper Prints by Lisa Barro and Silvia Centeno

In her Wednesday afternoon session, Lisa spoke about blue pigments in the paper substrate of salted paper photographs. The thematic lighting set the mood... The conference room was thematically lit for a talk on blue pigments. Blue pigments were often added during the manufacture of...

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(Photographic Materials) The Expansion of the Cold and Cool Storage Vaults at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art, Fernanda Valverde

Fernanda spoke on Wednesday afternoon about the three-year expansion project for the cold photograph storage vaults at the Amon Carter Museum. In giving the talk, Fernanda hope to assist other institutions that might be taking on a similar project, and she offered practical information on the...