Finding and Using Our Online Resources

By Bonnie Naugle posted 04-08-2020 11:04


AIC and FAIC support many online resources that you can read through (and often contribute to) whether working from home or while looking for ways to engage with colleagues. The AIC Wiki, STASHc, YouTube channel, Conservation Online (CoOL), Resource Hub, online courses, and more are available for anyone with internet access.

By @Rachael Arenstein and Bonnie Naugle

AIC Wiki

The search function on the AIC Wiki is robust and will find page title as well as page content matches for your desired term. For a pro wiki search tip, click on the looking glass icon before entering your search term to bring up the Advanced search menu. By clicking on the check boxes, you can also search through the site’s categories, users, or files to find specific information that you might be looking for. Wiki away!

For general reading, scroll down to the center of the Main page to surf content by area. Each section has a landing page from which you can explore further. Content areas like Education and Professional Development link to resources across many of AIC’s platforms and can be used by members at all stages of their career.


Get involved in AIC’s wiki community

We are always looking to add new people to our wiki community. AIC members can contribute content, coding or both!  Here are some tips on how to get involved:

  1. All AIC members are entitled to work on the wiki. If you are proficient in MediaWiki you can email Rachael Arenstein, AIC’s e-Editor, at to set up an account. If you have not used MediaWiki before, there is a training video that you can watch online. The training takes a bit less than 1.5 hours and will teach the basics of how to navigate and edit on our platform as well some etiquette tips that are particular to the AIC Wiki.
  2. Once you have watched the video, Rachael will set you up with a Creator account. She will need your name and email address. It is preferable to use a personal email (e.g. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo) as the site’s password recovery feature on the wiki is linked to the user's email and cannot be reset in the event that access to a work email account is lost.
  3. Please indicate what topic or area of the wiki you are interested in working on so Rachael can connect you with an existing committee or discuss new content ideas with you.
  4. We are always looking for people interested in working on the Lexicon pages and the History of Conservation and Conservators pages.  And images that will complement Lexicon entries or other pages across the site are highly desired.
  5. If you are a fluent speaker of another language and are interested in translating a page from the wiki, please reach out to Rachael who will be starting a group to focus on issues relating to translated pages.

Have you worked on an interesting project in storage? Take a look at to see if your storage solution would make a good article on the site. Please reach out the AIC’s e-Editor at if you would like the template to write a new entry.  (The site is currently experience technical issues but should be back up shortly!)

YouTube Playlists 

Check out AIC’s channel! There are playlists for different topics, including archived webinars from Connecting to Collections Care and the Emerging Conservation Professionals Network, segments from the Field Guide for Emergency Response and Recovery, and more. We want to hear from you if there are videos that need to be added. We are also developing groups to update the playlists as well as create new ones. Please contact Ryan Winfield to discuss your ideas at

Conservation OnLine (CoOL)

We just moved CoOL to a new host, so it’s now blazingly fast to peruse. You can find a variety of resources there, including BPG Annual articles and JAIC archives. While you search, you can also jot down ideas for update and new ways to organize and present information. We are in planning stages to renew CoOL content and visual identity. Interested AIC members can volunteer for the new website subcommittee within AIC’s Communications Committee to help guide CoOL into the future. Please share your thoughts with Bonnie Naugle at

Resource Hub

You can find many of our online publications, from postprints to hosted archives, via our Resource Hub. Both AIC and FAIC support the Hub, which contains some of the following publications as mini-websites:

Professional Development

Our new Learning platform contains webinars, courses, electronic publication resources, and more. Explore by audience or search for specific topics.  

Online Community

More than just the member and specialty group communities, the AIC/FAIC Online Community hosts blog posts, job ads, and FAIC-supported free communities for conservators and collection care professionals. The search function is very powerful on this site!

Share Images 

We always need great images for our website, wiki, publications, and social media streams. Now is a great time to organize those folders of digital images and send some our way! Please ensure that you are the copyright holder or can authorize permission for them to be shared. You can send images via email to a staff member or use our portal to upload images, captions, and permissions.

Become a Member

AIC members have access to the latest research and news, can share information via a private community, and enjoy discounts on publications. Review our benefits and learn more about joining.

Rachael Perkins Arenstein is AIC's e-editor and can be reached at Bonnie Naugle is AIC's Communications & Membership Director and can be reached at