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The Complexity of Intervention Decisions

By Emily Brzezinski, Adrienne Gendron, Madeleine Neiman, and Tony Sigel for the Objects Specialty Group (OSG)


In treatment, choosing when and to what extent one should intervene is one of the most fundamental and complex questions conservators confront. With each object, one must consider a broad range of sociocultural, aesthetic, and material/scientific issues. And, while navigating this web of intersecting and, at times, conflicting topics, a conservator must also consider basic practicalities, including time, finances, and display issues. As such, conservation decision-making can be both intellectually invigorating and deeply frustrating. The following three thoughtful and thought-provoking essays explore this topic. These short narratives are based upon work presented in the OSG session at the 2023 AIC Annual Meeting in Jacksonville, Florida, and each contribution will appear in the longer format in the group’s forthcoming postprints. Enjoy!

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Navigating Emergencies: A Comprehensive Guide to AIC and FAIC Resources

By Elizabeth Drolet, Joan Bacharach, and Hamada Kotb for the Emergency Committee (EC)

Over the course of a career, everyone involved with cultural heritage will likely encounter an emergency, whether small or large. The myriad resources and programs for emergency preparedness and response can be overwhelming. So where to start? Check out the resources featured in this article.

AIC and FAIC’s Emergency Programs

The Foundation for Advancement in Conservation (FAIC) operates and supports emergency programs, including the National Heritage Responders volunteer corps and the Alliance for Response initiative, to benefit AIC members and allied professionals, improve the protection of cultural heritage, and support the work of cultural institutions. Programs and initiatives operated by FAIC encourage and improve emergency preparedness and support emergency response and recovery.

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From the Executive Director

Greetings AIC Members!

Cherry Blossom season wrapped up last week here in DC. I love the blossoms and how community plays such an important role in the festival while these magnificent trees are in bloom, especially how friendship and appreciation are renewed among local residents and visitors alike as they gather together each spring.

With renewed spirit and great appreciation of our community, I’m excited to reunite with you next month, May 20-24, for our 2024 AIC Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City. I’m most appreciative of all our volunteers, members, board, and staff who bring our community together each year.