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AIC Member Community  

This community is for all members and includes a resource library to give members easy access to a variety of our publications and research.

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Alliance for Response  

Bringing together cultural heritage and emergency management professionals at the local level--where virtually all initial disaster response occurs--is the purpose of the Foundation for Advancement in Conservation's Alliance for Response initiative.

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Alliance for Response - CREST  

The Cultural Resources Emergency Support Team (CREST) offers preparedness training and coordinates collections recovery across the state.

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Alliance for Response - DC Network  

The D.C. Alliance for Response network aims to bring together cultural institutions in the nation's capital--including Federal institutions, individual non-profits, and District agencies--to boost emergency preparedness efforts.

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Alliance for Response - New Orleans  

The New Orleans Preservation Coalition and Alliance for Response serves as an alliance of concerned organizations, agencies, and individuals who recognize the need to sustain and protect the area’s cultural heritage. The coalition’s mission is to provide opportunities for preservation education, disaster response, and related activities within the New Orleans area.

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Alliance for Response - VACDaRN  

The Vermont Arts & Culture Disaster and Resilience Network (VACDaRN) builds relationships among people involved with arts and cultural heritage. VACDaRN provides resources and training in readiness and in how to respond in the event of an emergency to mitigate the impact of disasters and ensure that our communities recover quickly and grow more resilient.

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Archaeological Heritage Network  

The Archaeological Discussion Group (ADG) is a working group within AIC’s Objects Specialty Group and is open to all AIC members with an interest in archaeological conservation. It is devoted to safeguarding world archaeological heritage and the evidence it preserves of our human past. Our mission is to promote communication between conservators and allied professionals and to represent the interests of the archaeological conservation profession. It’s goals are to advocate for professional ethics, practices, and standards in the conservation of archaeological materials and sites, promote communication between archaeological conservators within AIC, facilitate interdisciplinary relationships and communication between the AIC and the archaeological profession, and provide an archaeological perspective toward AIC objectives.

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Architecture Specialty Group  

Formed in 1988, the purpose of the Architecture Specialty Group is to develop and promote the conservation of immovable cultural property such as buildings, monuments, outdoor sculpture and related heritage sites. The group provides a forum for the exchange of information yielded from practice and research in effort to further the professional standards of architectural conservation. ASG activities include organizing sessions at AIC annual meetings in addition to facilitating other regional conferences. In past years, sessions have followed overall AIC conference themes or concentrated on a unique theme often as part of joint sessions with other AIC specialty groups. Additional conference activities have included discussion groups, technical sessions, and architectural walking tours. ASG provides scholarships and support for emerging professionals to engage them in the field via a network of specialists

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Awards Committee  

The charge of the committee is to: maintain, monitor, and evaluate the process used to select awardees and to present the awards; promote the importance of the awards and to invite nominations through various sources and means; review applications submitted and to present recommendations of awards to the AIC board; gather biographical information on award recipients and assist with award presentations; recommend the establishment of additional awards to the AIC board, if appropriate.

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Book and Paper Group  

The purpose of the Book and Paper Group (BPG) is to exchange information through meetings and publications about the conservation of books and paper materials. Its members represent a wide variety of backgrounds and specialties but share a common interest in the preservation and conservation of artifacts and collections of paper-based materials.

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Connecting to Collections Care  

This free online community allows staff and volunteers at small and mid-sized institutions to pose questions related to collections care. Questions are monitored and referred to a community of experts to elicit the best possible responses. Join the community by creating an account or logging in by selecting the Sign In Here button in the upper right corner.

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Conservators in Private Practice Group  

Formed in 1986, the purpose of Conservators in Private Practice group is to provide a forum for members to exchange information, suggestions, and tips on the exigencies, challenges, and rewards of running private practice conservation businesses. Its mission is to: 1) to improve and support the business practices of members, to disseminate business and professional information and to encourage business education, study and research by and for its members; 2) to provide a forum for the interests of conservators in private practice within AIC and to promote the interests of conservators in private practice to allied professional organizations and in the open marketplace; 3) To support the AIC Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice and to oppose any influence which would tend to lower such standards and ethics; 4) to support just and equitable business practices within the conservation profession.

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Contemporary Art Network  

Formed in 2019, the purpose of the Contemporary Art Network (CAN!) is to: provide a forum for conservators of contemporary art and related professionals to exchange knowledge and ideas across material specializations; encourage recognition of contemporary art as a distinct practice within the profession that requires specific training, skills, and knowledge; and support and advocate for the most informed and appropriate care for contemporary art in the United States and worldwide.

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Electronic Media Group  

The Electronic Media Group is for professionals interested in the conservation and display of time-based media artworks—which include modern and contemporary artworks involving video, audio, film, slides, software, electronics, and performance—and other works of cultural heritage that employ historic or emerging audiovisual media, digital media, and electronic technologies.

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Emerging Conservation Professionals Community  

ECPN’s Online Community is intended to provide a forum for discussion amongst network members and the interested public. The community provides space for sharing opportunities, making professional connections, participating in fruitful discussions, and promoting increased awareness of the field of conservation. As a participant in this community, you will also have access to other resources on AIC’s Online Community, the AIC blog, and information about upcoming events. The community is open to all emerging conservation professionals, including those just learning about the field and considering a career in conservation. Established conservation professionals are also welcome and encouraged to contribute content and advice to the community. To learn more about ECPN, visit

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Equity and Inclusion in Conservation  

This community is for discussions on the issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion as they relate to the field of conservation. This community is open to everyone. Information shared through this community may include: related topics for discussion; opportunities for conservation experiences specifically related to efforts to increase equity, inclusion, and diversity; outward facing announcements about equity and inclusion committee work to the larger community, and more.

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Global Conservation Forum (ConsDistList)  

The Global Conservation Forum is an international forum for discussion on topics relevant to conservation and preservation professionals. It is supported by the Foundation for Advancement in Conservation and sponsored by Tru Vue, Inc. This is the new home of the Conservation DistList, the archives of which are still searchable (1987-2019).

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Health & Safety Network Forum  

This forum connects the cultural heritage community with industrial hygienists and their colleagues on health and safety issues in collections care. A conservator and a certified industrial hygienist moderate the community to ensure correct and complete information and to suggest additional resources. This is a United States-focused group and stated rules and regulations may not apply in other countries.

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Held In Trust Discussion Forum  

Held in Trust seeks to evaluate the state of preservation and conservation of tangible and intangible cultural heritage in the United States. The mission of Held in Trust is to evaluate the state of preservation and conservation of tangible and intangible cultural heritage in the United States.

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Imaging Working Group  

The Imaging Working Group is an international community of people (conservators, photographers, scientists and more) interested in conservation and cultural heritage imaging. This community allows for broader communication within the IWG volunteer group.

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