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American Museum of Natural History – In Their True Colors

  • When birds bathe to maintain their feathers, they sit or stand in shallow water and flap their wings...
  • There are many examples of feathers used in art and cultural heritage materials spanning centuries....

Artful Science

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Texas State Library and Archives

The Signal


Private Practice

Branches of the Same Tree

  • Alrightits time to deviate a bit from the typical this-is-how-much-fun-Im-having-dont-you-wish-you-were...
  • Its been a couple of weeks since Ive updated this blog. Probably more than a couple. Not because nothing...

South Florida Art Conservation LLC

  • Happy Holydays 2021/22

    Dear Friends South Florida Art Conservation would like to take a moment to wish you and your family...
  • Consolidation

    In the case of paintings conservation, Consolidation is the treatment that aims to stabilize degraded...

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University Products Blog

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