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American Museum of Natural History – In Their True Colors

Artful Science

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Texas State Library and Archives

  • Health and Collections Care During COVID19 My name is Heather Hamilton, and I am the new conservator...
  • Sewing a Book

    When visitors at TSLAC’s Summerlee Conservation Lab learn about conservation treatment, they often ask...

The Signal


Private Practice

Branches of the Same Tree

  • Alrightits time to deviate a bit from the typical this-is-how-much-fun-Im-having-dont-you-wish-you-were...
  • Its been a couple of weeks since Ive updated this blog. Probably more than a couple. Not because nothing...

South Florida Art Conservation LLC

  • Agarose gels used in the conservation field are a new tool for the paper conservator. The post...
  • Agarose Gels at work

    Agarose is definitely one more gadget to include in our current practice as conservators. It is easy...

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