Upcoming Changes to Your Account


Update: Our online community login may be down for July 7 through the morning of July 8 due to issues with connecting three platforms. Please stand by for updates as we have them!

Dear Users,

We are bringing on a new database, which is the underlying system for managing your account. As this database connects to our various platforms, this will affect places in which you interact with our sites. Whether you're a member of our organization or simply a user of our site, this change will affect how you log in.

When we launch our new database on July 7, you will need to create a new login to manage your profile or membership. You'll set your preferred login method (email, or connecting to a media account such as Google, Apple, or LinkedIn) then connect it to your record in the new database. You will need to confirm your identity by email or phone. We will post full instructions on our website along with a how to video when it's time to begin this process, and our membership staff are available to help if you run into a snag.

You will use your old login to access our Online Community (where this blog is posted) and the Learning Community. We will take the community down on July 7 for about half a day, then you will use your new login to access everything. If you never log into the online community, you won't notice a difference. You can still send emails with your posts.

Key Dates (new launch date)

  • Thursday, June 30: Wednesday, July 6: Create a new login. We will provide instructions at that time to help you along.
  • June 30 July 6: Use your new login for your profile; use your old login for this Online Community.
  • Thursday, July 7: The Online Community will be inaccessible for login all morning (possibly afternoon). Once it comes back up, you will have to use your new login.
As always, our print bookstore is unrelated to our database and will not be affected by this update.

If you're not a member, you can use the Contact Us form to write to us. Members can reach out to me or @Ryan Winfield directly.

@Bonnie Naugle,

AIC Communications & Membership Director 
--updated July 7, 2022




07-07-2022 08:35

Note that various technical issues have pushed back all our launch dates to the same day, so many areas of our websites may be inaccessible for login today, July 7.

06-29-2022 18:31

We are pushing back our launch at least a day to ensure your information will appear correctly. I'll post back here with revised dates as we adjust our plan!