AIC Begins with You!

By Lissa Rosenthal-Yoffe posted 09-26-2023 16:07


It’s time to renew! Renewing now isn't just about membership; it's about showing your commitment to our shared vision and values. Your timely renewal helps keep AIC steady, ensuring we're always ready to support you.

We’re all AIC. These aren't just words. It’s a shared identity. Our connections, whether in person or online, or across professional interests or specialties, are what connect us as members, reminding us of our shared dedication to preserving and protecting arts and cultural heritage.

With our rollout of important community convening outcomes and reports like "Held In Trust,” we're aiming to build even stronger bridges towards greater awareness and partnership with related fields. As we gear up for 2024, here's what our dedicated board, volunteers, and staff have been working on for you:

  • Updating Code of Ethics and Bylaws: We are committed to the highest professional standards with greater equity and inclusion, including a plan for increasing board diversity.
  • Growing our Community: We are reaching out to partner with allied and international groups to produce events and resources that increase our ties to a global community.
  • Revising the Professional Membership Application: We are making our process more transparent and accessible so we can increase the level of professionalism in our field and promote it to a broader external audience.
  • Enhancing our Communication: We are making your online experience more productive and enriching, including updates to our website, members-only directory, boards, communities, and newsletter.
  • Creating Leadership Opportunities: We are creating new ways to support your growth at all stages of your career.
  • Tailoring Events to Fit Your Needs: We are offering more programs in more ways than ever, from lunch and learns to online webinars, plus special member-only discounts when you attend any of our courses, workshops, and talks.
  • Tackling Big Issues in the Field: We're excited about meeting in Salt Lake City around the idea of “expecting the unexpected” in our field at our 2024 Annual Meeting and continuing conversations around sustainability, labor, climate change, and more throughout the year.

AIC remains committed to our mission as the national membership organization dedicated to supporting professionals in preserving cultural heritage. Together, we will continue to improve ethical standards upheld broadly by our field and create opportunities that are equitable and inclusive. Together, we will work to improve the lifecycle of conservators — whether at institutions or in private practice, or emerging, mid-career, or retired. Together, we are all AIC.

Your continued membership is vital. We now offer payment plans so you can pay your dues over time. Renew your membership today to continue to be part of our future. Give us a call or go to

Reach out with your thoughts! I'd love to hear from you!

Lissa Rosenthal-Yoffe
Executive Director

P.S. Each year we host an online renewal contest! Renew online by November 15, 2023, to enter to win our grand prize of a free annual meeting registration AND two free nights at our host hotel OR one of our two first-place prizes: complimentary 2025 AIC membership.