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Call for papers 2021 College Art Association Meeting Catalogue Raisonné Scholars Association session

By Rebecca Rushfield posted 13 days ago

The Catalogue Raisonné Scholars Association is actively seeking proposals from scholars who may not be directly involved in the creation of catalogues raisonnés but whose research and perspectives can inform and enrich the work that engages the Association's members. The CRSA hopes to expand the extent to which scholars utilize catalogues raisonnés as rich resources for investigating a broad array of cultural, economic, historiographical, as well as monographic and object-based, topics.

Call For Proposals: CRSA Session at CAA 2021
February 10—13, 2021
New York City and Online

Behind The Scenes Of Object-Based Art Histories
“I guess what I’m asking is this: are these the only kind of questions that art historians
should be asking: Whodunnit? Or whatisit? Is there nothing else we can say?”
—Michael Ann Holly

From the proposition that the ontological basis of art history remains a ground for
discovery, this session seeks perspectives on the relationships between the objects and
subjects of study within the discipline. How can the single artist catalogue raisonné—
perhaps the ultimate expression of subject and object specificity—be recontextualized as
part of a speculative art history? Through all of the genealogies within art historiography,
what are the conditions of possibility for an art history oriented toward the art object? What
other ontologically dichotomous or even non-dichotomous art histories are possible?
Please refer to the CAA website for further details and to submit a proposal.
Deadline for submissions: September 16, 2020.