Was “Night” was treated by conservators or did she spend a day at the salon?

The May 31, 2021 issue of  The New York Times contains an article by Jason Horowitz on the use of bacteria to clean the marble of the Medici Chapel (in the Basilica of San Lorenzo in  Florence) which was designed by  Michelangelo as the resting place for Medici family members ( “Send in the Bugs” ). The article is a good introduction for the general public to the use of bacteria in art conservation (and a reminder that bacteria have been used to break down petroleum oil spills and toxic heavy metals). The problem is that the conservators treating the sculptures in the tomb are described as having washed the hair of the sculpture of “Night” and having given her a facial.  One might wonder if “Night” was treated by conservators or spent a day at the salon.    #conservationinthenews​