A quote that feels ripe for sharing

By Rebecca Rushfield posted 03-08-2023 18:55


Sometimes, when one is reading something not at all related to conservation, one will see a quote about decay or restoration that feels ripe for sharing. “Running Scared”, by Parul Sehgal in the March 13, 2023 issue of The New Yorker, a review of the book, Saving Time, by Jenny Odell), contains such a quote:

 “The artist Anne Trutt observes in the final published volume of her journals, ‘My sculptures are in a way analogous to time. The intrinsic nature of what they are made of is emerging: chemical changes in the paint of Gloucester and a characteristic of the poplar wood of which Valley Forge was constructed.’ Later, she writes, ‘If I made a sculpture it would just stand there and time would roll over its head and the light would come and the light would go and it would be continuously revealed.’”