From the K-12 Outreach Subcommittee: Conservation-related videos for children and teenagers

By Rebecca Rushfield posted 11-16-2023 19:01


You are a conservator who is making a presentation about conservation at an elementary school or a children’s library  and you’d like to show a video or two. You are a museum educator  and  your supervisor  has asked you to come up with ideas for video content on conservation for the institution’s website and  you’d like to see what  has been done  before you speak with the conservation  department  at your institution. You are a teenager who loves art and science and has heard that there is a career that combines both and you’d like to see videos about it.

There are many videos for children and teenagers about how works of art are made and about what conservators do. However, to find them, one must search through the websites of numerous institutions. The AIC’s  K-12 Outreach Subcommittee has done the work for each of the people described above  and for all of you by compiling and updating  a Playlist of Videos on Conservation Topics for Children and Teens.