Volunteering with the Health and Safety Network

By Susan Costello posted 02-09-2023 08:17


I have volunteered on the Health and Safety (H&S) Network leadership for four years. I started as vice-chair and am currently the chair. This is my first volunteer experience with AIC, and I have really enjoyed it. I work with people who I would have never met otherwise including those from different specialties and those that live all over the Unites States. H&S leadership meets once a month via Zoom for one hour, and depending on your role and time of year, you could spend 0-2 hours more per month. Everyone has a specific job with well-defined responsibilities, but there is plenty of room to join a specific project you are interested in or start a new project that you are passionate about. Some of the things we do are write articles for AIC News, moderate the H&S forum, maintain the H&S wiki, and organize respirator fit testing, the H&S exhibition hall booth, and H&S sessions at the AIC annual meeting. I have learned so many new things about health and safety in this role and have also learned management skills. My time on the Network has allowed me to give back to a profession that I love via a topic I feel strongly about. It is very rewarding knowing that you are helping people stay safe! If you are interested in health and safety, volunteer with us!