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ECPN Interview: Photographic Materials with Colette Hardman-Peavy

To promote awareness and a clearer understanding of different pathways into specializations that require particular training, the Emerging Conservation Professionals Network (ECPN) is conducting a series of interviews with conservation professionals in these specialties. We began the series with...

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PMG Funds Support Latin American Conference

Association for Heritage Preservation of the Americas; Conference News September 23 – 25 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil The APOYOnline 30 th Anniversary Conference and Workshop on Heritage Preservation; 30 Years Building Bridges and Pathways for the Preservation of Cultural Patrimony in...

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(Photographic Materials) Blue Pigment Inclusions in Salted Paper Prints by Lisa Barro and Silvia Centeno

In her Wednesday afternoon session, Lisa spoke about blue pigments in the paper substrate of salted paper photographs. The thematic lighting set the mood... The conference room was thematically lit for a talk on blue pigments. Blue pigments were often added during the manufacture of...

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(Photographic Materials) The Expansion of the Cold and Cool Storage Vaults at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art, Fernanda Valverde

Fernanda spoke on Wednesday afternoon about the three-year expansion project for the cold photograph storage vaults at the Amon Carter Museum. In giving the talk, Fernanda hope to assist other institutions that might be taking on a similar project, and she offered practical information on the...