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ECPN Interview: Pre-program Internships in Textile Conservation

The Emerging Conservation Professionals Network (ECPN) works to serve ECPs at all levels, from pre-program to early career. This blog series aims to highlight pre-program experiences and opportunities through interviews with internship supervisors from a wide range of specialties. These...

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(Textiles) Beyond Cavitation: Investigating Ultrasound in Immersion Cleaning Environments by Megan Creamer

Megan gave a wonderful presentation on her investigation into the efficacy of ultrasonic cleaning and its potential use in textile conservation. Her well-rounded and thorough presentation included an introduction to the technique and the way it has been used historically. She gave a very clear...

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(Textiles) An On-Going Mystery: Copper Kettles & Chilkat Blue by Mary Ballard, Asher Newsome, and Susan Heald

Over the course of the presentation, the authors sought to shed new light on decades-old questions regarding the blue colorant found in Chilkat blankets woven by the Tlingit peoples of northwest Alaska. Written documentation dating to the early 20 th century reported the use of a copper-based...