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pexels-photo-1200.jpgThe purpose of the Book and Paper Group (BPG) is to exchange information through meetings and publications about the conservation of books and paper materials. Its members represent a wide variety of backgrounds and specialties but share a common interest in the preservation and conservation of artifacts and collections of paper-based materials.

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  • Data Preservation Solutions provides book and document preservation to county and local government offices across the United States, but primarily in Texas.  For over 50 years our bindery has been repairing and restoring broken bindings and constructing ...

  • Job Title: Associate Paper Conservator Institution: Carrabba Conservation (Austin, TX) Hours: 32 hours per week Compensation: Salary to commensurate with qualifications and grow with proven performance  Position open until filled. ...

  • Cathleen A. Baker Fellowship in Paper and Book Conservation University of Michigan Library Ann Arbor, MI  USA The Department of Preservation and Conservation at the University of Michigan Library is now accepting proposals for the Cathleen A. Baker ...

  • I will be bringing several pieces of bookbinding equipment to the swap meet in New York City, including a lying press/plough in tub combination. Also smaller tools and equipment, some printing type, a mat cutter. All items are available before the meet ...

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