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Empowering Change though Salary Advocacy and Negotiation

Anisha Gupta, Ariel O’Connor, and Jen Munch There’s a general taboo in society to talk about money, and this extends to discussing your salary, especially in the workplace. But this attitude has led to significantly depressed wages, especially for women and people of color. In April, ECPN...

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2020-2021 Fellowships at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

2020-2021 Fellowships at The Metropolitan Museum of Art The Metropolitan Museum of Art welcomes applications from scholars of the history of art and visual culture, archaeology, conservation and related sciences, as well as those in other disciplines whose projects relate to objects in The...

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ECPN International Training Interview with Kamila Korbela

This blog post series will look at United States citizens who trained abroad and are currently practicing conservation in the US. The goal of these interviews is twofold: to provide pre-program students with a starting point for understanding international training through a range of student...

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Leadership Resources for Emerging Leaders

Every year at the AIC annual meeting the Emerging Conservation Professionals Network (ECPN) holds rigorous programming to support emerging professionals. At AIC New England, ECPN partnered with Bob Norris, noted leadership speaker and facilitator, to present two events focused on leadership: the...

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AIC News: Health and Safety Training for Emerging Museum Professionals and the Evolving Work Economy

[First published in AIC News , Vol. 44.5, September 2019, in the Health & Safety News Column. Article reprinted with permission from the American Institute for Conservation.] By Emily England, UIC MUSE Graduate Student and Curator at Swedish American Museum; Joy Erdman, MS, CIH, CSP,...

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ECPN Interview: Library and Archives Conservation with Henry Hebert

To promote awareness and a clearer understanding of different pathways into specializations that require particular training, the Emerging Conservation Professionals Network (ECPN) is conducting a series of interviews with conservation professionals in these specialties. We began the series with...

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PMG Funds Support Latin American Conference

Association for Heritage Preservation of the Americas; Conference News September 23 – 25 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil The APOYOnline 30 th Anniversary Conference and Workshop on Heritage Preservation; 30 Years Building Bridges and Pathways for the Preservation of Cultural Patrimony in the...

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Connecting to Collections Care Coordinator (Contract Position)

The Foundation for Advancement in Conservation (FAIC) seeks a part-time contract Coordinator for Connecting to Collections Care (C2C Care), an online community providing small and mid-sized organizations access to information and resources on caring for cultural heritage collections. The...

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(General) A Failure Shared is Not a Failure: Learning from Our Mistakes

A reflection on a great session, by Jen Munch and Suzanne Davis Jen Munch Graduate Fellow in Art Conservation, SUNY Buffalo State College and Graduate Intern in Paintings Conservation, National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC One of my favorite experiences during the 2019 AIC Annual...

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(Book and Paper 2018) Cocktails and Mixers: Ethanol-Modified Treatments for Iron Gall Ink by Julie Biggs (speaker)

(Book and Paper 2018) Cocktails and Mixers: Ethanol-Modified Treatments for Iron Gall Ink by Julie Biggs, Lynn Brostoff, Andrew Davis, Claire Dekle, Cyntia Karnes, Yasmeen Khan, Susan Peckham, and Cindy Connelly Ryan Abstract: