Just published: "The Cleaning Manual" in its 7th edition


Eipper, P.-B. (Ed.): Handbuch der Oberflächenreinigung [Manual of surface cleaning]

7th edition

ISBN 978-3-932704-92-5

THREE PARTS. Updated and significantly expanded 7th edition. 86 articles, 83 authors. The "Handbook" consists of 1,425 pages in three parts: Part 1: 436 pages, Part 2: 501 pages, Part 3: 488 pages. English summaries.

Delivery as three FlipBooks on a USB stick or 3 CDs, readable on PC and MAC. Size: 1.4 GB.

Delivery will start Monday, June 7, 2021. Price: 186.00 EUR / US$ incl. 7% German VAT, plus shipping

Note: The eBook is readable with any recent internet browser even if unconnected with the internet. In comparison with a printed book, the eBook technology allows the following features:

Zoom and magnifying glass view, elegant full text research, active links, storable colorful "sticky notes", storable  page marker, thumbnail previews, fast page jumping forward and backwards. Copying text for quoting and printing with the usual PC printers is possible.

With the 7th and final edition, all previous editions lose their validity. The standard delivery is on a USB stick, but can also be on 3 CDs if required. When ordering, enter this request in the free text field at the end of the ordering process, as well as "PC" or "MAC".

The Handbook can be ordered via any bookseller worldwide or via our shop https://www.museumaktuell.de/shop/themes/kategorie/detail.php?artikelid=84&kategorieid=7&source=2&refertype=1&referid=7

Content+preface: https://www.museumaktuell.de/download/d_127.pdf

The editor is an IIC fellow, chief conservator at Joanneum, Graz (Austria) and lecturer at Graz and Bratislava University.