Leadership Resources for Emerging Leaders


Every year at the AIC annual meeting the Emerging Conservation Professionals Network (ECPN) holds rigorous programming to support emerging professionals. At AIC New England, ECPN partnered with Bob Norris, noted leadership speaker and facilitator, to present two events focused on leadership: the Emerging Leaders Seminar and Leadership Lunch Lecture. Through this partnership, emerging conservators learned about different leadership styles and their application in conservation. These programs aimed to help emerging conservators to develop the skills needed to be astute and effective leaders. Regardless of job title or institution, there are leadership and management tenets that can be applied in every situation.

Whether you were unable to attend the annual meeting or looking to further explore your personal leadership style, ECPN is pleased to share the PowerPoints presented by Bob Norris on our community platform (attached below). ECPN is grateful to Bob for letting us share his PowerPoints with the larger emerging conservation professionals community, creating a continuing resource for emerging conservators. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the content and to share your leadership style on our community platform! 

The leadership lecture was videotaped and ECPN is hoping to share the recording of the event in the coming months.