Open Call: Art Institute Review digital scholarly journal


The Art Institute of Chicago invites you to participate in and spread the word about an OPEN CALL for submissions to our inaugural Art Institute Review digital scholarly journal. 

The Art Institute Review (AIR) is a peer-reviewed digital journal produced in concert with the museum’s energetic research program. AIR features multivocal, interdisciplinary dialogue embracing art’s potential to shed light on culture, history, and our current moment. 

For our inaugural Fall 2021 issue, we are seeking submissions that explore the theme of Instability: How has instability, and changes it inflicts, reshaped art objects, art history and the art world over time? Has instability been not only a force to intervene against, but also one that has fostered new, beneficial states or ways of being? We seek written perspectives that bring forth diverse views of how instability can be studied within the art world, through history, materiality, identity, technology or institutions. We especially welcome proposals focused on historically underrepresented objects or narratives, as well as proposals from emerging scholars.

The deadline for submissions to our open call is Monday, August 3, 2020. Proposals must be submitted to in a Word document format that includes the following criteria: 

  • Name, email, and (if you wish) a link to your website
  • Anticipated format of the submission: essay (4,000–6,000 words); conversation or dialogue (2,000–3,000 words); visual, textual, or sound art; other (please explain)
  • Working Title
  • A one- or two-sentence précis 
  • An abstract (no more than 250 words) 
  • A brief description (no more than 100 words) of the ways, if any, in which your contribution will leverage the capabilities of digital presentation. Does your proposal require any digital features beyond text and individual static images?

More information about AIR as well as the full text of the CFP can be found at 

We would love to have your support, and encourage you to share this opportunity with your networks, colleagues, and friends. We are excited to embark on this collaboration and to showcase new voices in this ever-evolving field.